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Privacy Notice

Privacy policy

We know how much you care about your privacy, and we have done more than meet the industry standard to secure you information. We have a crew of experienced staff who are not only expert in network technology but also stand out in the customer services among the on-line stores. Below is our privacy policy , please take a look at it and see how you information is to be guarded.

Information collection and usage

When you sign up for the site, we always ask you to fill in a form with your basic information. These are used as way to distinguish you from others. These information are not essential but since something can be deducted from them,never underestimate them. After setting up your account, we will store these information in an encrypted database.And we have strict rules as for who and for what our staff can abstract them.

When you place an order, we need you to confirm your contact information. We have to give these information to the transportation companies. In order to lower the risk of information release from them, we always choose the most reputable services on the market although they cost more. Besides, we will sign special contact with them in terms of your privacy protection. So not only your information is safe on our hand, we also guarantee that they are treasured on other people's hand.

Now it comes to the payment, we need some sensitive information about your payment like your credit card number, your password or other information of on-line payment tool. These information are extremely important since they are related to your personal property. So check your computer before you key in anything. For us, we can only receive them in an encrypted form. So no one from our site is able to abstract them.

Special tips for our customers

Remember to log out when you finish browsing our site;

Remember to update your computer before you enter any important information;

Remember to damage the wrap with your contact information on it when you receive the good you order.